About Control Concepts, Inc.

Control Concepts, Inc. is a manufacturing company located in Northeast Connecticut in the United States. For over 50 years Control Concepts, Inc. has specialized in manufacturing shaft driven electro mechanical, electronic and proximity zero speed switches. Over the years we have grown our patented zero speed switch lines and added other product lines including electronic and proximity zero speed switches, sonic/acoustic cleaning horns and mechanical/diff counters. In July of 2009 we added out latest product line by aquiring Myrlen Inc. and the Airsweep product.

Our products are used in the automotive, construction, chemical, pulp/paper, petroleum, waste, asphalt, cement, mining, material handling, electrical, wire/cable, power generation, environmental, medical, transit, food/beverage, agriculture industries and more. Our products can be found in 50% of the Dow Jones Industrials and our worldwide customer base is over 3,700 different organizations. We proudly manufacture all of our products at our plant in Putnam, Connecticut.

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Company Divisions

Our Speed Switch Division offers UL approved zero speed switch models for use in many different industrial applications including conveyors, blowers, motors, drums, rotary feeders, bucket elevators, fans, airlocks, screening machines, crushers, dryers, burners and rotary kilns. Operating ranges are between 0.1 and 2,000 RPM. Control Concepts, Inc. zero speed switches include electro mechanical devices that need no electrical input power to operate as well as electronic devices. All of our zero speed switches require no periodic calibration or field maintenance and can act as a PLC input.

AcoustiClean Division manufactures sonic horns that are designed to produce and amplify low frequency sound vibrations at high volume for the removal of particle build-up. Some common applications include: baghouses, bins, silos, hoppers, SCRs, boilers and electrostatic precipitators.

Counting Devices Division specializes in the manufacture of mechanical "diff" counters. Our counters have been used by hospital, medical and scientific laboratories, as well as, cafeterias and transit operators across the world for over 70 years. With little practice these cell counters can be stroked by "touch" much like a keyboard. Used in this way the operator's eyes are not diverted from the microscope, table or countertop and counts are completed quickly and accurately.

Airsweep Division specializes in the manufacture, design and sales of bin discharge systems. These systems provide a proven way to start and maintain flow of "tough" bulk granular materials.

Electro Mechanical Speed Switches

A direct coupled speed indicating switch that opens or closes contacts mechanically as a function of the rotational speed of the switch shaft. The speed the switch trips at is dependent on the construction of the switch or adjusting internal components. Some models are field adjustable.

Design and Models

2100 Series - Cast Iron / Aluminum /Explosion Proof
- NEMA 4/4X / NEMA 7 & 9 / EP-1
- 4 - 2000 RPM

4100 Series - Cast Iron / Aluminum
- NEMA 4/4X
- 4 - 2000 RPM

8100 Series - Cast Iron / Aluminum /Explosion Proof
- NEMA 4/4X / NEMA 7 & 9 / EP-1
- 0.1 - 25 RPM

Electronic Speed Switches

Two types: A direct coupled speed indicating switch that opens or closes a set of contacts through a relay and an electronic circuit, and a non-contacting speed switch which relies on a proximity sensor to pickup a rotating piece of ferrous metal. Both switches allow for a wide range of user defined parameters for switch trip settings.

Design and Models

Roto-Guard III - UL & CA approved
- NEMA 4/5 / NEMA 7 & 9 / EP-1
- 0.1 - 7500 RPM

Prox 120 Switch - Cast Iron with Lexan cover
- NEMA 4/5
- 0.1 - 7500 RPM


AcoustiClean Sonic Horns

High powered acoustic cleaning horns designed to prevent costly particle build-up. AcoustiClean sonic horns produce high energy, low frequency sound waves. This is accomplished by forcing compressed air through a sound generator causing a titanium diaphragm to vibrate. This vibration creates a series of sound waves. The sound waves enter the vessel resonating the particles loose from the surfaces on which they have settled.

Design and Models

ACL 17220

- Cleaning distance up to 15' and 6' diameter
- 220 Hz frequency
- 149 dB sound pressure level

ACL 34230

- Cleaning distance up to 30' and 15' diameter
- 230 Hz frequency
- 149 dB sound pressure level

ACL 53100

- Cleaning distance up to 60' and 20' diameter
- Elbow design for confined locations
- 100 Hz frequency
- 148 dB sound pressure level

ACL 9475

- Cleaning distance up to 60' and 20' diameter
- 100 Hz frequency
- 148 dB sound pressure level

Counting Devices Mechanical Counters

"Diff", hand tally and multi-counters for medical/scientific laboratory, transit ridership, industrial, production, food/beverage uses and more. Anywhere counts are critical Counting Devices mechanical counters can help.

Design and Models

Laboratory Counters (CDI) - 1 to 16 counter keys

- Totals carried to 999
- Zero reset knob(s)
- Bell signals every 100 strokes

Multi-Counters (MC) - 5 to 12 counter keys

- 4 digit totalizer available
- Zero reset knob(s)

Hand Tally (HT) - Heavy die cast silver cover

- Counts to 9,999
- Zero reset knob
- Finger ring to hold securely
- Block mount available

Airsweep Systems

The Airsweep bin discharge system provides a proven way to start and maintain flow of "tough" bulk granular materials... even those that may have resisted previous efforts involving the use of air pads, high pressure air blasts or vibration. 

Airsweep provides solutions for tough flow problems within any industry that processes or handles powder or bulk materials including:

*Cement & Aggregate
*Power Generation