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Dewatered Sludge Material Flow Test

Tough materials need powerful flow aids – and it can’t get tougher than thick, black and sticky sludge. This flow aid test demonstrates AirSweep’s ability to cut through even the most problematic material.

Dewatered Sludge Material Flow Test

Why AirSweep works where other flow aids fail

What will happen if you used fluidizers or hammers on sludge? Nothing. These flow aids lack the pressure and volume to cut through these kinds of material blocks.

AirSweep® uses high pressure, high-volume, 360° bursts of compressed air that can cut through sludge (whether it’s literally toxic waste, or a material of similar texture and viscosity) in seconds. Each unit activates up to 2.44 m diameter of material. Positioned at appropriate sections of a vessel, they can break through a block and sweep it back into the flow stream.

Watch the material flow test to see AirSweep clear and clean a vessel full of dewatered sludge.