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Pneumatic Flow Aids: AirSweep vs. Fluidizers

Pneumatic flow aids release bursts of pressured air to dislodge the material blocks. However, even if fluidizers and Airsweep® both use aeration, they have major performance differences. This video tackles:

How they work: Fluidizers use a combination of gentle aeration and vibration, while AirSweep nozzles release powerful bursts of high-pressure air

The materials they can handle: fluidizers are only effective for light powders, while AirSweep can be used with wet, sticky, stringy and bulky materials.

Power and activation radius: It’s like comparing a garden hose and a fire hose. AirSweep has more pressure and volume, and can clear material blocks faster and more efficiently than rubber fluidizing discs. To show the difference, the two pneumatic flow aids are put to test.